The PaCRS Group
(512) 894-3204

The PaCRS Group assists non-profits to secure the resources necessary to accomplish their unique purpose, objectives, mission, and goals. We can:

  • Assist your organization identify fundable projects and programs
  • Research and identify new prospective donors and supporters
  • Create a strategic development plan to help grow your organization
  • Draft grants and proposals to solicit financial support
  • Assist in the creation of program and project budgets
  • Critique and customize your drafted proposals
  • Build strategic relationships between you and your donors and supporters
  • Position your donors and your organization for maximum recognition and publicity through creative public and media relations
  • Coach and mentor young development staff

PaCRS has flexible programs to support and leverage the efforts of your executive director, development director and volunteers.

Contact us to explore how we can help you achieve your strategic funding goals.